The Preserve

The unique residential environment of Mareas at Botanica coexists with rare Pine Rockland and Rockland Hammock habitats that can only be found in Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Collier Counties in southern Florida, and in the Bahamas and Cuba. It is such a vital ecosystem that the creation of Mareas at Botanica includes the preservation and restoration of almost 108 acres of surrounding Pine Rockland and Rockland Hammock.

The importance of preserving this ecosystem is significant, and its protection essential. The Preserve at Botanica has its own Habitat Conservation Plan, prepared for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service.

Considerable and meaningful effort to restore these Pine Rocklands reduced the canopy and allowed “understory” plant growth, and included removal of exotic and nuisance vegetation that had overtaken native species and affected the plant diversity in the understory.

We’ve also created “Stepping Stones”, large planting areas within Mareas at Botanica that mimic a Pine Rockland habitat while providing linkage for native wildlife to traverse safely and undisturbed through the community. It is our hope that our Habitat Conservation Plan will support the return of the Pineland Croton and two Federally protected butterfly species, the Florida Leafwing Butterfly and the Bartram’s Scrub-Hairstreak Butterfly, that use it as a host plant.

This is just one example of our long-range efforts undertaken to support the diverse keystone species of flora and fauna native to these Pine Rocklands – and there are more! The Preserve at Botanica is giving this ecosystem a new chance at life.

A complete guide to the Pine Rockland and Rockland Hammock is available in our office.

Click to view the Habitat Conservation Plan Administrative Report.